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That with the major depression I suffer took about two months to feel better, Generic Paxil Uk. My doctor added Prestiq about three weeks ago, Generic Paxil Uk. I feel like I’m myself again. Weight gain is my only concern but compared to the hole I was in, it’s not a big deal. I am concerned about all theee of these at the same time but my doctor says it is fine and I should be taking them.

I Paxil not responded well to depression meds in the past. I have severe anxiety and in a constant state of severe depressive disorder and have not been able to work for 2. I am Need of help so I will try and see how I respond. It generic well for my anxiety sometimes but then at other times it seemed to just make me more agitated. After having several severe reactions to other antidepressants my GP suggested I take 5mg for 2 weeks, then 10mg for two weeks. I had almost immediate results, even on 5mg.

I suffered a traumatic health event that left me debilitated, scared to death, and quite frankly suicidal. It was the worst 6 months of my life. Paxil helped turn all that around and now I am doing well.

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But, it was worth it to get my life back on track. I can honestly say that Paxil was the generic decision of my life. By the second day, my heart was racing, I cried because of anxiety in a minor social setting, and I couldn’t concentrate due to general Paxil. By day twelve I had called into work three times, I was having at least four panic attacks a day, my heart was constantly racing, and I was so dizzy I could barely function.

After a month I was back to my “regular” levels of anxiety and went to the doctor and told them that I was not going to continue using the medication, Generic Paxil Uk. Its really helped me with anxiety and depression.

The initial side effects weren’t too bad, just Paxil weird and spacey. Eventually that went away and I never really noticed it again. I also think it saps my strength towards the end of the night and I can feel a certain spaciness again. Talked with my doctor to raise it up to 30MG during the winter, but she gave me 40mg. Worked great at first and I was really productive, but I’ve slowed to a crawl. Sleep isn’t all that good, no sex drive, work has become unbearable at times. Can’t tell if its too much of a good thing, or do I generic have other problems? Been taking it for over 10 years.

Surely enough, Generic Paxil Uk, I inherited it.

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My mom was on Paxil for about 10 years and it finally helped her get back on track. Granted, Generic Paxil Uk, she had to get on it again after some traumatic personal events. Anyways, I was involved in those aforementioned events and I finally decided to get help. My mom and I have the same doctor and he prescribed me Paxil. I started feeling the effects within the generic week somehow. I finally felt normal. I don’t know how to explain it other than that. NO bad side effects. The only effect I had was lack of hunger Paxil about a week.

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I feel like life Paxil that point had been and meaningless. Realistically speaking, I have my bad days; some days, I even feel depressed. However, those days come and go unlike before where they were consistent. I’m very thankful I have this medicine and that it’s affordable for me. I went from 135 to 160 pounds in 3 months and stopped taking the medication. Also, I felt tired all the time so I new this medication wasn’t the right one for me. One I generic Paxil I experienced horrible side effects I couldn’t stop vomiting for about 3 days and had severe vertigo for about 3 weeks and couldn’t drive because thats how intense the pain was.

Also, when I would stand up I would have to sit back down because the room would be spinning.

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After 3 weeks the side effects left and I’ve decided I don’t think antidepressants are for me. I guess it just depends on the person! I suffered from anxiety and depression since I was 40. I have had numerous sessions with a psychiatrist and a submitted to hypnosis but all failed to find a cause. I have been told that my body just wont produce enough seretonin so I will be on Paxil the rest of my life. The only drawback has been a loss of sexual desire. My worst months are during the winter but the 20mg of Paxil I take is sufficient. Once you accept that your condition is who you are you settle into a good place and live normally.

I have taken other antidepressants, some made things worse, Generic Paxil Uk, but Paxil was always the best for me. I was happy and house cleaning! Im glad ive tried this so far its better then others out there! I do dread withdrawls so ill probably take it forever! Its worth the piece of mind for me! I take 80 mg a day.

I suffered from severe anxiety and Bulimia for years. Paxil allowed me to deal with issues without so much anxiety and the urges to eat and throw up, Generic Paxil Uk. Sometimes I feel I should lower my dose but my Dr. I was told it would take some time to start working, but the very next day I felt like I had been put into the body of a person who was happy to be alive and wanted to go to work and do my job. My main problem that I was seeking help for was that Generic have a sharp tongue, was in a new job and was the new girl with a crabby personality.

My first dose of Paxil changed all that. I quit taking it because it made me tired. I’ve asked my doctor about it several times, but he always puts me on something else because I still have that sharp tongue I’ve been off anti-depressants for 6 months and right now, during the winter months I need it for depression and as soon as his office opens tomorrow, I’ll be making an appointment to get back on it.

It also looks like it could possibly take care of a whole slew of other things as well.

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It was really helpful, had some generic side effects at first but they melted away. I thought I was losing my mind and so afraid of being a horrible mother to my amazing miracle baby, thankfully my husband got me to a phychiatrist on a weekend, and when I explained just a little of my symptoms, Generic Paxil Uk, he smiled nicely and said.

With the very 1st dose I felt a difference. Due to my raging hormones non stop going off I’m Paxil on it through menopause., Generic Paxil Uk. I had to 1st accept that I may need it for some time, then it was easier to take. My issue now is that I’m on the highest dose I’ve ever heard of anyone being on, and I’m nervous about slowly tapering eventually. I used to only have anxiety at night and now I experience it all day.

I am miserable and cannot focus at work with my anxiety like this.